The BEST Sewing Machine, which is it?

It’s clear that all sewing machines are not equal.  What is not clear is how to determine which sewing machine is the best.

We worked hard, finding the best way to answer the question of which machine is The Best Sewing Machine.

We went to sewing classes and interviewed instructors and students.  We went to Sewing Machine stores and interviewed the store owners, the stores expert sales people, and some of the shoppers.

​All of this work led to a huge quantity of, most times, conflicting information.  What we got out of all this work is people’s opinions of what they thought would be the best sewing machine and why they had arrived at such an opinion.

When we tried to quantify the data collected, it was a mess.  Sewing Machines that started out as really great prospects were later dropped because of our various groups conflicting opinions.  It looked as if we needed to scrap the entire project and start from a significantly different perspective.

So, We did just that.

This method, we decided, represents the best possible answer to the questions posed about the Best Sewing Machine.

Fortunately, our site has assisted a great many people in the purchase of a sewing machine.  We kept meticulous records about the types of machines purchased and what, if anything, the buyers said about the machines they purchased.

We discovered that our site visitors put their money where their mouth is and voted for the best sewing machines by their purchases.

We felt this information would do the best job of ranking the different Brand Names and Models in the order of preference of our shoppers and provide future purchasers a great guideline to compare and make their own purchasing decisions.

Brother CS6000i

The #1 Best Selling Sewing Machine, determined by the Hundreds of additional sales, more than all other machines sales.

Here is our list of Sewing Machines in the order of Preference of Our Customers:

Clicking on the Model Name Link will take you to Our In Depth Review Pages, (We intend to flesh out all of these pages so as to increase, significantly, the information available to you. Clicking on the Grab It At Amazon Link will take you to Amazon's Page for that Model where you can complete your purchase:

Price Range is representative of the Purchase Price obtained by our visitors over the past 18 months.  The prices do fluctuate over the year and holidays and special offers that are offered by Amazon from time to time most likely will result in a lower purchase price.

If the Model in the list doesn't have a link, don't worry, we are working on getting a thorough review finished soon.

Customer Pick  # 1

Brother CS6000i

$122.01 to $147.81

Grab It At Amazon

Brother CS6000i

Customer Pick  # 2 

Singer 7258 Stylist

$162.95 to $240.38

Grab It At Amazon

Singer 7258 Stylist

Customer Pick  # 3 

Brother XL2600i

$79.98 to $99.99

Grab It At Amazon


Customer Pick  # 4 

Singer 9960

$345.68 to $479.99

Grab It At Amazon

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist

Customer Pick  # 5

Brother XR9500PRW

$173.25 to $316.25

Grab It At Amazon

Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine

Customer Pick  # 6

Brother PC420PRW

$351.00 to $524.03

Grab It At Amazon

Brother Project Runway PC420PRW 294-Stitch Professional Grade Computerized Sewing Machine

Customer Pick  # 7 

Singer 4411

$125.39 to $254.27

Grab It At Amazon


Customer Pick  # 8 

Singer 7256

$145.93 to $194.63

Grab It At Amazon

Singer 7256 Fashion Mate Sewing Machine

Customer Pick  # 9 

Singer 4423

$135.00 to $429.21

Grab It At Amazon


Customer Pick  # 10

Brother SE400

$285.87 to $428.35

Grab It At Amazon

Brother SE400

It is important for you, OUR CUSTOMERS, to know that if you click through from this site to Amazon's pages, and purchase anything, we will most likely earn a fee.  This fee is paid from Amazon and does not affect your purchase price.  With this fee we are able to provide better sites with significantly greater information value.  This, after all, is how we make our living.  We thank OUR CUSTOMERS for the confidence they have thus far displayed in us, we intend to earn an ever greater degree of confidence, while providing, WE HOPE, the best possible user experience possible.

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